woensdag 11 november 2015

Etsy shop is online

I just opened my very own Etsy shop. So far it is just two listings, but more wil be posted very soon. See you there!

Click here:

zaterdag 7 november 2015


Fancy a pair of new specs? I love old frames and over time I have collected some fine species. Once or twice a year I visit Antwerp and usually I find something cool. Last year when visiting Germany, my family and I found a tiny thrift shop filled up to the ceiling with goodies. I bought two vintage frames and a little silver hat, that needs some mending.

But now it is time to let go of some of my collection, so I am selling!
The goods:

'Christine had the world at her feet, tonight she and Trevor would go to Studio 54 and she would finally meet everybody! Wearing her cool new frames, she would surely attract their attention.'

'From behind her sunglasses, Christine watched Trevor get in the baby blue Mustang with another woman. It was Sonya! She swore revenge.'

'Blind with rage, she thought about cutting up his favorite leather coat, but then she remembered how much she loved wearing it herself...'

'The bracelet on the bedstand wasn't Christines! But she would be wearing it, tonight at dinner with Andrew and Sonya. She could just image the look on Sonya's face...checkmate, two-timer!'

'Now here was a girl who didn't mind getting her hands dirty. Christine knew exactly what she had to do. Inspiration came to her through a novel. Good thing she brought her reading glasses!'

The wooden earrings were just her taste. Trevor took her hand and kissed it. "Only the best for you, my love." But Christine wasn't satisfied, not yet. 

The next day she walked into the jeweler's store and bought herself the biggest, most expensive gold necklace and charged it to Trevor's bill.

'The necklace had cost him a small fortune. Christine flaunted it before Trevor, his face all red with anger.  "Thanks for the jewels, darling. you really shouldn't have," she purred.'

Are you interested in one or more of these items? Please take a look at Zapricot for more pictures . The prices are in Euro's, but you can send me an e-mail for pricing and shipping costs.  Thank you for visiting!